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Roof Repair

Serving most of North Carolina, We are a Roofing Repair Company
with field offices in Greensboro, NC and Jacksonville, NC

Roofs separate your home from weather and other adverse elements. They require a substantial amount of care to continue defending your home from the outside world. It's important to maintain your roof in order to maximize its lifespan and keep your home looking fresh and beautiful. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure-no one wants to find out they suddenly need an entirely new roof! If your roof has sustained any damage, address it immediately, so as to protect your home's structural integrity and the health of your roof. There's no need for you to climb up there yourself-just call The Improvement Store for prompt, easy and fairly-priced roof repairs.

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Proven Roofing Experts

Carolina Improvements is the most trusted provider of roof repairs in North Carolina. You can rely on us to quickly and professionally address your home's damage at an affordable rate.

Our unique pricing structure means you will know the total cost of repairs upfront, with no surprises or second guesses. We offer a wide range of dependable repair services and boast over a decade of experience. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us, which is why we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and many five-star customer reviews.

We offer some of the most competitive and affordable roofing repair options in North Carolina. The Improvement Store has locations in Greensboro, NC & Jacksonville, NC which allow us to efficiently service most of North Carolina and parts of southern Virginia.

Professional, Insured Work

Our roofing contractors are licensed and insured, meaning you can rely on us to provide you with high-quality roofing repairs, sure to last. Don't just hire anyone for taking care of your beloved home: We have the licenses, ratings and reviews to prove we're a smart and professional choice. We're happy to walk you through our process and answer any questions you may have-it's important to us you're fully informed about your North Carolina roof repair.

Of course, sometimes the damage is so extensive repairs cannot save it. We'll do our best to prevent that, but if your roof requires more extensive attention, we are also the premier providers of roofing installation in North Carolina. We're happy to answer any questions you might have.

Stop Leaks Before They Damage Your Home

Leaks aren't just inconvenient. They can also threaten the structural integrity of your home and invite in toxic mold and mildew. You're also at risk of allowing in insects and other living creatures-no one wants to deal with unwanted houseguests!

Don't compromise one of the biggest purchases you'll ever make. If you notice your roof has broken, missing or warped shingles, or you've noticed leaks, ceiling or wall discoloration, call us right away. We'll stop your roof from leaking as promptly as possible.
We have a wide range of products available to us we can utilize to ensure your home's structural integrity is preserved. We will do whatever it takes to keep your house and your possessions safe from the elements. Your home is just as important to us as ours are. We understand how devastating it is to lose precious
heirlooms or to be suddenly hit with unexpected expenses like roof repair or replacement.

Of course, the best way to prevent leaks from happening is to call us for regular maintenance on your roof. As soon as you see signs of damage and disrepair, let us know! Addressing the potential weak spots right away will ensure the rainy season never catches you by surprise.

Most roofs are easy to repair, although the methods will change depending on the type of roof you own. While our main priority is fixing the roof, we'll also look at the interior structure to make sure the leak hasn't compromised the stability of your home. It's important to address any issues right away, as leaks can cause wooden beams to rot.

Types of Roofing We Repair

The more water damage that occurs, the more costly the repairs-and no one wants to hear bad news! Below are some of the most common types of roof repair we perform. If there's any indication of structural damage, we'll also take a look and tell you whether you may need more extensive home repair.

Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles are vulnerable to curling and peeling, but the good news is they're easy to replace and repair. They're widely available and more inexpensive than most materials, which makes them a very popular choice for newer homes.

Asphalt shingles come in a variety of colors and styles, and are sometimes installed right over old roofs. However, they're only designed to last fifteen to twenty years, so proper maintenance is crucial. With good care and regular repairs, you can extend the life of your roof.
Most of the asphalt shingles come in a "three tab" version, which interlock with the other shingles. We'll remove the damaged shingles while leaving the good ones still intact. This usually involves prying the shingle up and removing any nails, then sliding a new shingle in and securing it with new nails and/or roofing sealant.

Metal shingles

Metal shingles operate much the same as asphalt shingles. The interlocking tabs must be carefully removed so as to only remove the damaged portion, leaving the undamaged shingles in place. We'll also look for loose or broken nails or screws, and other places of vulnerability, using a roofing sealant to ensure your home is protected against the elements.

Metal roofs

Metal roofs are vulnerable to one major issue: rust. Despite being easy to install, sturdy and lightweight, it's imperative to keep on top of your maintenance schedule when you have a metal roof. Most metal roofs are made of galvanized metal or are otherwise coated to prevent rust, but long-term exposure to the elements can weaken the metal and allow rust to form.
Repairs can include using roofing cement and mesh or patching the metal, and sanding or power-washing to remove as must rust as possible before work begins. We'll carefully repair any cracks and holes, and advise you on the best way to prevent future damage from forming. If you have any questions about re-painting your metal roof, let us know!

Fix Your Roof

If your roof is in need of repair, don't let the damage spread! Ignoring your roof repair needs can be catastrophic, especially during the stormy season. Call The Improvement Store today at 800-938-1958 to learn more about our competitive roof repair pricing, and to receive a free estimate on the cost of your repairs.

Ask us about home improvement services in Greensboro, Morganton, Durham, New Bern, Wilmington, High Point, Asheboro, Raleigh, Fayetteville, Mount Airy, Winston-Salem, Salisbury, Marion, Greenville, Lenoir, Statesville, Rocky Mount, Lexington, Jacksonville, Hickory.

Our service areas include the Research Triangle/Triad. Don't see your area listed? Not to worry. Feel free to call us and find out if we can accommodate your home's location! We'll do our best to provide you with our professional roof repairs and installations no matter where you reside.

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